Friday, April 9, 2010

An introduction to 'Written On'

My parents adopted me from Honduras when I was a year old. My older sister is also adopted. I introduce this news first because it describes everything else about me:

I consider myself to be very lucky to be so diverse because it educates people who are still stuck in old stereotypes. I don't have a loud bark, so I let my writing speak for me.

In second grade I was given my first diary. I haven't stopped writing since. Personal dilemmas and emotions I promise will stay in my diary; but opinions, poems and thoughts I promise will not.

'Written On' is the title of this blog because everything in my life--friends, family, enemies, schools, parties, wars--has molded the human being that is Sylvia. All of it will materialize into this blog.

I'm brutally honest but not judgmental. I'll critique but give credit where it is due. I pride myself on having a rational mind but drive myself to write passionately.

Welcome to 'Written On.'


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