Sunday, April 25, 2010

Little Sprinkles of Life

I had a great weekend: I caught up with old friends, made new friends and solidified my strongest relationships. It's weekends like this that I feel blessed. I see the 'good' in the bad. I understand the struggle in every obstacle. I accept life's sometimes bitter taste because it makes the happiness 'the cherry on top.'
With that, it reminded me of a poem I wrote. My inspiration for this poem came from looking at an abstract work of art. I think it depicts life's ups and downs.....
Little Sprinkles of Life
The black reminds me of darkness.
I’ll call the darkness god.
The darkness creates a cloud that punctures
Earth’s atmosphere and sprinkles god’s image on me.
I am born.

The turquoise swirls remind me of wind.
The blue diamonds remind me of water.
The wind and water funnel my soul
into my body.

The rectangular, blue figure is my form.
My innocence is depicted by the white wings
on the sides of each sharp edge—
waiting to be penetrated.
I start living.

As I follow the blue figure
down to the middle of its form,
the white feathers vanish:
regrets, mistakes, lessons learned.
I am grown.

Still, the darkness remains.
God remains.
The darkness surrounds the blue figure;
Temptation surrounds my soul.
I am tested.

The turquoise swirls disintegrate.
The blue diamonds are no more.
By the bottom of the painting,
there is a blob of colors.
I am judged.

Now the turquoise is starting to fade.
The blue is white and the
blue figure has been engulfed
by the darkness.
I die.


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