Sunday, April 11, 2010

Michael Phelps in the ESPN Magazine Ad

In this week's edition of Entertainment magazine, there is an ad comparing and contrasting the rising Internet industry to the plateaued magazine industry. I personally think it does a great job portraying the two's effect on people.

It begins with, "we surge the Internet. We swim in magazines." I was immediately intrigued by where the ad was going and thus continued to read on.

"The Internet is exhilarating. Magazines are enveloping. The Internet grabs you.
Magazines embrace you. The Internet is impulsive. Magazines are immersive. And
both media are growing."

I thought this leading paragraph was perfect. It takes the two examples of the swimming and surfing worlds and applies it to the two industries of Internet news and magazines; all relating back to Michael Phelps who is a swimmer (possible surfer?? I don't know) but featured on both the Internet and in magazines.

ending it with "and both media are growing" the ad is recognising both industries and not judging which one is better.

The next two paragraphs explain the growth of the Internet and magazine business. But Jim Fiscus (the person who created the ad) really hits home in the third paragraph:

"What it proves, once again, is that a new medium doesn't necessarily displace
an existing one. Just as movies didn't kill radio. Just as TV didn't kill
movies. An established medium can continue to flourish so long as it continues
to offer a unique experience."

I thought this was an excellent way of describing the reality of it all: Magazines aren't dying. They are simply sharing the spotlight with the Internet.

You don't always have a computer nearby, and your favorite magazine may not be accessible via your iPhone. So as long as your passion for a particular magazine stays true, so will the magazine industry.

"Which is why people aren't giving up swimming, just because they also enjoy

As a journalist, I would be lying if I said that I was a little nervous that my dream of writing for a magazine came too late. But this ad reassured me that my dream can still happen. Job well done to Jim Fiscus and ESPN Magazine for addressing and differentiating between the two industries.

Read more about the ad here::


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