Monday, April 19, 2010

My Pick on the next Star in Hollywood

I'm taking a break from analyzing journalism and doing a little reporting of my own. This post is dedicated to who I think the next up and coming actress in Hollywood will be. I'm surprised to say, I don't think it will be an American.....

Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt had me at "The Devil Wears Prada" back in 2006. She played a paranoid, stressed-out, anorexic assistant to one of New York's toughest bosses (acted out by Meryl Streep).

Blunt's character was funny, sarcastic, a bit sad at times--but most importantly, entertaining. Blunt took on this crazed character (Emily Chalton) and portrayed her perfectly.

Although Blunt's character was a smaller role than that of Streep and Anne Hathaway, her acting leaves a memorable impression on the audience. In my opinion, this was the beginning of her 'tipping her toes' into Hollywood.

Having been born in London, England, and acting mainly in British movies, Blunt already made a name for herself overseas. Well, I'm happy to say that it all changed with one movie: "Young Victoria."

I saw the movie in London when it first came out in Spring 2009. I was absolutely blown away to see the same actress who played a pathetic assistant now playing the epitome of "girl power"-- a queen. Blunt was outstanding.

She effortlessly portrayed Victoria's strength and power as well as her pain and loss that drove her to the throne. Blunt's ability to be a neurotic assistant as well as powerful queen proves how versatile she can be.

I was thrilled to hear that "Young Victoria" was coming to the States (months after it was released in Europe) so that Americans could see the talented female Brit once again--but this time, she was the boss.

Shortly after the movie's release, Blunt was already showing up in previews for another film, "The Wolfman." This only proved one thing, she was here to stay.

Her versatility, natural beauty, acting skills and overall friendly persona will take her to the top of box office sales. Keep watch for her next movie, co-starring Matt Damon, "The Adjustment Bureau" set to be released July 30.

"Damon plays a politician who falls in love with a ballet dancer (Blunt) but their relationship is star-crossed"- Entertainment Magazine.

According to the magazine, Blunt had to train for months in contemporary ballet. Once again, her ability to transform herself for each role will transform her into the next Hollywood Star.

Haven't seen "Young Victoria"? You're in luck; it comes out tomorrow to buy/rent on DVD, April 23.


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