Monday, May 3, 2010

Jams to Get You Through Your Jog

I probably wouldn't be as into music as I am if I wasn't a runner. Because I exercise and run daily, I'm constantly looking for new jams to update my 'workout playlist' to distract me from the miles ahead. As a result, I have come up with the order and genres in which your jogging jams should be played .....

1) R&B or alternative slow song:
Play a song with a slow but strong beat that will get you pumped up while your stretching and warming up. It's got to be energetic enough to get you started but slow enough to gradually raise your heart rate.
My choice: 'Your Love' by Nicki Minaj.

2) Country or pop song:
Play a song that is happy and upbeat. It's the beginning of your jog so you're not tired and therefore don't need a song with a strong beat to run to. Just something to get you going.
My choice: 'Love Story' by Taylor Swift

3) A popular Hip/Hop song:
A mile and a bit has gone by and you're starting to feel it in your knees and calves. This (for me) is the hardest part of the run. It's early enough to stop and say "I'll run tomorrow" but also late enough to push through the early pains and keep going.

As a result, I find myself selecting a song that has a strong beat; something I can match my strides to. It also has to be a song that I know I love listening to so I know I will run until the end of the song.
My choice: 'I'm Goin In' by Lil Wayne, Drake and Truth.

4) Your favorite Club song:
By this point in your run you are already physically set; your heart rate is stable, your strides are rhythmic and your breathing is under control. So now all you really need is a mental distraction; something to take you away from the treadmill/road and into another exercise area that never feels like exercise at all-- the club.

Whenever I hear my favorite dance music, I always reminisce about me dancing with my girlfriends or at a club, and by the time my daydream is over, another mile gone by. So I definitely recommend choosing a jam that will do the same.
My choice: 'Drop it Low' by Ester Dean and Chris Brown

5) A Lil Wayne Song:
There are so many great Wayne songs to chose from. Most of them are upbeat, entertaining and great jams to jog to. Thus, pick one and rock out while you run.
My choice: 'Ice Cream Paint Job'

6) 90's Jam:
You have probably reached around 2.5 miles and are feeling good. Treat yourself to a jam from the past that will keep your mental energy up as well as keep your stride in motion. This is also a good time to take a quick fast walk on an incline (which will burn the same amount of calories as a jog).
My choice: 'Heart Breaker' by Mariah Carey and Jay Z

7) Your Favorite Song:
Here is when the running gets tough. After 3 miles you are going to need a lot of mental discipline to keep going. Pick your absolute favorite song. The song that comes on when you're pissed, sad, happy etc. No matter what state of mind you are in when this song comes on, it always makes you happy.

At this point in your work out, your favorite song is what you are going to need to keep you on the treadmill/road.
My choice: 'Back that Azz UP' by Juvenile.

8) Techno or Electronic Song:
After I reach 4 miles, I am physically satisfied but mentally stubborn. My typical long run is around 6 miles. So seeing that I still have 2 miles left does not make me happy. I always want to get the last 2 miles over with as fast as possible.

As a result, I pick up the pace but at the same time, I'm going to want a tune that matches my speed. Something techno and electronic music always help me with.
My choice: 'One More Time' by Daft Punk

9) Angry Music:
It's been 45 minutes, you are running out of endurance but you absolutely refuse to quit until you've reached your goal. I find that picking a song that is on the angry side is a perfect fit to match your 'no quit' attitude.
My choice: 'Silly Boy' by Rihanna and Lady Gaga

10) R&B or alternative song:
Yay! You finished your goal, your jog is over and you feel good. But RESIST the urge to jump off the treadmill or stop moving. Your cool down is probably the most crucial part of your work out.

You need to gradually slow down your heart rate as well as relax your body.... or else the elastic acid in your body will build up and you will regret ever working. So, pick a song that will keep you moving, but a slower beat.
My choice: 'Walk it Out' by Andre 3000 and Jim Jones.


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