Tuesday, June 29, 2010

"Remembering Alexa"

As mentioned before, I will be posting excerpts from a book I'm working on, Remembering Alexa. It's Nicholas Sparks meets Philippa Gregory, two of my favorite authors.

Alexa (Alexandra) is a college student any female can relate to, and a girl any boy would want to date. During her senior year, her perfect world is shattered when a car accident forces her to face a past she's tried to forget. Most importantly, the event forces her to reconnect with her family and to reevaluate the friends she's made.

If you think you've heard this plot before, you're probably right. But the difference is, I don't hold back when it comes to writing about topics like drugs, sex, relationships and college.  

This is the first time I've ever tried to create a story longer than 20 pages, so any feedback is greatly appreciated and encouraged.

The following is the prologue and a chapter that will give you a taste in what you can expect in posts to come......

There is a moment right before you die when everything is silent. Everything slows: the people around you will run the fastest they can to push you out of the way or dive into the water to save you. But it doesn’t matter. You know that they won’t make it in time.

The silence awakens you to what is about to happen. You laugh because you realize this must be what it means to go in peace.

The only frightening thing that happens is when for a split second, time returns and you face your death. But then your next memory is your soul rising from your body, watching the aftermath of it all. You see them gathering around your body, trying to wake you, when you know it’s too late.

What kills you the most is the pain that follows. Not your pain, but theirs. The pain of your loved ones, screaming for you to return. But you can’t. All you can do is hope that they’ll remember you.

Chapter XXX

It is tradition in Ipswich to take your first car for a “Neck Run.” Alexandra’s first time on the road was around the neighborhood and back, all of about two seconds. However, her sister was home from college and felt the need to “initiate” her into the Ipswich culture (even though she had been living there for 16 years of her life).

“All right, mom just left for work. You ready?” Lauren said jiggling her keys.

It’s funny, she doesn’t trust me to wear her $90 Nine West shoes but she trust me to take control of her $10,000 shopping tool fully loaded with a full tank of gasoline.

“You sure? Mom says she prays every time I get behind the wheel,” Alexandra said taking the keys from her hand.

“Please, I pray every time I get into the car with mom. You’ll be fine.” Lauren shoved and pushed her out the door.

Pulling out of the driveway was a huge success. Alexandra only drove into the lawn once and didn’t knock over the mailbox that her father just put back up…again.

Now, only one left past the high school, right past the fire station, another left past the bakery, then right onto the causeway.

“Oh my God! Oh my God! Oh my freaking God! I’m really going onto the causeway!” Her breathing wasn’t a distraction. It was her sweaty palms making it hard to maintain control of the car.

“Relax. You’re doing fine! That time you ran the red light in front of the police station and ‘pause’ you call a stop was handled really well,” Lauren said putting her seat belt on and lighting up her cigarette.  

Great! Thanks I can drive better than you.

Alexandra turned towards her and was about to open her mouth when…

“Fuck! Watch the damn road! Do you want to go take a swim with my car?”

“Oops! My bad. I miss understood how narrow the causeway is.” Alexandra squeezed the steering wheel and focused on the road.

The sail boats were on her left. It was such a beautiful summer day; the boats were floating in the harbor. It put her in a trance. Alexandra couldn’t escape the rhythm each boat floated to—they were dancing.

The North Shore was considered a “sailing mecca.” Every year, crowds gather to watch the sailboat races. Alexandra blocked her sister’s voice by listening to the ocean kiss the rocks every three seconds. It was beckoning her to enter the ocean’s layer. The light house came into view through the car’s glass.

“All right, Sis, you can pick up speed. But not too fast, I want to look at the houses.”  

Well duh. That was the best part of the Neck. Alexandra turned on the right blinker and turned right, barely staying in her lane.


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