Thursday, June 24, 2010

In Memory of Sonia Weitz

Last night, the Jewish nation lost another Holocaust survivor- Sonia Weitz.

Sonia Weitz was an incredible woman who was one of the many few (and brave) who verbalized the horrors she experienced during the Holocaust in her poems and book, I Promised I would Tell.

She was born in Krakow, Poland. During the Holocaust, she was sent to five different death camps, one of them being Auschwitz. The love and faith she had for G-d and her sister  (who was with her during the Holocaust) gave her the strength to survive.

One of the most important things Sonia did for her family and her people, was verbalize what she experienced during the Holocaust. She lived by the motto "never forget" because she knew that was the strongest weapon the Jews have.

I had the honor of reading her book when I was fifteen. The faith and love she had for her family and religion was incredible. She was a talented poet and writer and used her skills to educate generations so she could try and prevent the nightmare she herself had to face. 

Her death is a tragedy to the community and Jewish nation because it awakens us to the fact that in another decade, there will be even fewer Holocaust survivors. Regardless of how religious a person is, it is still your responsibility to remind yourself and others that the Holocaust was real.

One Friday night Sonia was lighting the Sabbath candles with her mother. The next week, she would say goodbye to her mother forever. Imagine if that happened to you.

The following is one of my favorite poems Sonia wrote. It reminds me of my responsibility as a Jew and person to never forget one of the world's darkest moments.

Forgetting Is Dangerous
by Sonia Weitz
When memory dies
In the face of lies
Hope is crushed forever
And prayers are severed
And dreams are forsaken...
But if we awaken
And dare to care
All things are possible
Even undoing future genocides;
Even preserving our planet earth;
We have the power
To plant a flower
To love a child,
To save a tree,
To be free...
To be one
With the rising sun...
But only
If we remember
That forgetting is dangerous 
Don't think the Holocaust could happen again? Read the following:


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