Sunday, June 27, 2010

Power of Print Campaign

I'm a huge fan of the "Power of Print Campaign." I think it combines pop culture with an important message: magazines and newspapers aren't dying.

The following three ads are my favorites. I'll let the ad speak for themselves:

Young people do everything online. Like order millions of magazines. Somehow, amidst their infatuation with Facebook, YouTube, Twitter and the like, young adults are still making time for another one of their favorite pursuits: reading magazines.

Contrary to popular misperception, the phenomenal popularity of the Internet has not come at the expense of magazines. Readership is actually increasing, and adults between 18 and 34 are among the most dedicated readers. They equal or surpass their over-34 counterparts in issues read per month and time spent per issue.

What's change isn't people's affinity for magazines but the means by which they acquire them. Last year, nearly 22 percent of all new paid subscriptions were ordered online.

And just as the Internet drives magazine subscriptions, magazines drive Web searches - with nearly double the effectiveness of the Internet itself. Some might call it ironic.
The medium that some predicted would vanquish magazines is actually helping fuel their growth. And vice versa.

 You might think that in these weird times people don't read magazines anymore, that with thee allure of the online world magazines have fallen out of vogue. But it's not true. From seventeen through their sunset years, folks are reading more magazines than just a few years ago. Sure there's a fortune being spent online. But there's also a lot of smart money being spent on magazines, with nearly 300 million paid subscriptions. 


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