Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Back to the way things SHOULD be

I'm old school. Old school in the sense that I rarely argue with my parents and typically accept 99.9 percent of what they say. It's not me being young and needing them to think for me. It's me genuinely thinking they are intelligent in what they say.

HOWEVER, the one thing me and my father always disagree on is politics.

I'm naive in the way that I truly believe our President wants to do his job. My father is stubborn in thinking that no Democratic president can do that. I'm silly in believing that the American people can turn the world around. He's confident that the world is headed for disaster.

Regardless of our beliefs, the one thing we cannot even come CLOSE to agreeing on is Israel's relationship with Obama. And I have to say, I can't help but agree with him -- only because the media keeps it that way.

For example, in a previous post -- Israel vs. the World -- I explained what a terrible job the media did covering the flotilla attacks. For that entire week, there was not one good thing said about Israel. There was not one quote included defending Israel's actions. It was almost as if all the editors in the world told their reporters to find dirt on Israel.

And it succeeded. Because for that entire week, Israel was getting the worst rep it has gotten in the history of the state.

In this quote from an article written by The Globe News Service of the Jewish People, Obama actually calls out the press for doing a poor job:

"In terms of my relationship with Prime Minister Netanyahu, I know the press, both in Israel and stateside, enjoys seeing if there’s news there," Obama said. "But the fact of the matter is that I’ve trusted Prime Minister Netanyahu since I met him before I was elected president, and have said so both publicly and privately."

Now, I am happy to say the media learned its lesson and things are back to the way they should be.

Allow me to explain....

Obama and Netanyahu met today to discuss yet another possible solution for bringing peace in the Middle East. Instead of all eyes focusing on dumb things like Obama's body language toward Netanyahu, journalists and the media focused their attention on what really mattered -- what happened in the meeting.

The significant point being, the media stopped writing gossip columns and started writing solid articles. Every story I read today was thorough, fresh, clean and balanced. The journalists did a good job reporting and even better job NOT speculating. I was pleased.

The most significant thing I found in many of the articles, were the quotes (because as mentioned before, those were seriously lacking in previous articles).

Quotes are HUGE when reporters are covering a big story. In meetings like today, the public can't sit in and listen to their conversation; so they depend entirely on the media to get it right. Today, the media got it right and made sure to include points everyone wanted to know. 

One of them being Obama's true intention for U.S. involvement in Israel's business regarding nuclear weapons. My father thinks Obama is out to weaken Israel and take the weapons away. I was happy to show him that was not the case:

"The United States will never ask Israel to take any steps that would undermine its security interests," Obama said, referring to his administration’s efforts to get more countries to abide by the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

In addition to this significant quote, many Jewish Americans wanted to know what Netanyahu really thought of Obama. That was also answered in this particular article:

Netanyahu thanked Obama for "reaffirming the longstanding U.S. commitments to Israel on matters of vital strategic importance."

"We strongly believe that given its size, its history, the region that it’s in and the threats that are leveled against us -- against it -- that Israel has unique security requirements," Obama said. "It’s got to be able to respond to threats or any combination of threats in the region. And that's why we remain unwavering in our commitment to Israel’s security."

In summary, the media did a good job covering an important event. Journalists gave up on writing material for tabloids and returned to journalism basics. Once again, everything in life was as it should be.

All quotes mentioned in this post were taken from this well-done story:  Nice pictures, but what did Obama and Bibi discuss? 


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