Monday, July 5, 2010

Multimedia Journalism

I haven't been writing lately because I've been completely engulfed in Stieg Larsson's, The Girl Who Played with Fire. The book is so suspenseful that I just can't put it down. But I also can't read it fast enough to finish because every word carries a clue.

So the following is a multimedia project I have done in the past to keep you entertained until I finish the book and write the review.

"A College Love Story" is my baby. I worked three months on this project, which takes a look into college relationships. Why they work, why they fail and what challenges couples need to face to survive.

Cindy and Stephen (the couple in the video) are a perfect example of a healthy relationship. However, their relationship was not protected against common college obstacles. They really opened up to me and discussed personal issues that I think a lot of adults can relate to.

Dr. Stubbs is the glue that holds it all together. She is a psychologist with a specialty in relationships. She gave me insight into what the typical relationship needs to face to make it.



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