Friday, July 9, 2010

This Week in Words and Pics

As stated before, every Friday I'm going to feature the best pictures, blog posts and articles of the week.

The articles were either written well, interesting or took on a different style that I think stands out. The blog posts will be the ones that I thought were the most well thought out and creative. The pictures will be mind blowing and good examples of photojournalism.



CNN fires Middle Eastern editor over Tweet
This was one of the most talked about articles in the media world. I can't say that I'm 100 % decided but what I do think this event raises, is: Is Social Media getting ahead of itself?

Social Media is not a recent tool but applying it to industries like journalism is. This event reminds editors and journalists that they should discuss the use of social medias like Twitter within the newsroom.

Nice pictures, but what did Obama and Bibi discuss?
Read the full review here.

Blog Post

The most creative and enlightening post I read this week was Introducing Project Codename: No Days Off by Joe Shartzer.

What I enjoyed the most about the post was the fact that Shartzer brings to words an issue that has been circulating around:
Project No Days Off is a way to align all your goals and work relentlessly, strategically and tirelessly to become more successful. The key is staying motivated, with your eyes never wavering from your desires
This post was relevant:
Recent graduates who are jobless are probably sitting at home freaking out and feeling useless -- wondering what they can do to get the extra edge. I know from personal experience that even voicing that concern and anxiety releases yourself from some stress. So Shartzer actually putting that fact into words probably relieved many of his readers.

This post was helpful:
What added the extra "oomph" to the post was the fact that Shartzer offers a solution. He does this in the form of listing his own tasks:
- Update five times a week.
- Use your black card five times a week (Planet Fitness.)
- Never, EVER, let my Google Reader show the +1000 unread count. Either stay up to date or decrease the number of subscriptions.
- Smash on fast food less than twice per month. This should be easy, but it never is for me.
- Crank through one book a month, minimum. Having Gladwell sit on my nightstand, bookmark stagnant, is just atrocious.
- Monthly goals to grow my business ventures. This obviously changes constantly, but the important thing is to continuously make moves.

This post was entertaining:
Shartzer's language and writing style is nothing like you will ever read. His personality and creativity is evident in every word he chooses. You might not agree with everything he has to say, but I guarantee you'll finish reading every sentence.

I highly recommend that you check out more of what Shartzer has to say on his blog, Embrace The Medium.


It was a great week for pictures. One of my favorite picks for pics were from a story by The Salem News: The Threat Outside Your Door

No huge surprise, but yet again, The Big Picture makes it in with their incredible slide show depicting summer: Summer is here


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