Saturday, August 21, 2010

Fast Forward

I've been seriously slacking this week when it comes to posting new content. However, I blame it on the following questions that have consumed my mind.......

Where is journalism really going?
Should Michael Phelps even bother with the Olympics in 2012?
Is Young Money's success going to last?

I'm going to have to be patient and see how things play out but until then, the following articles give me a taste of what's to come in the future.

The future of journalism-

iJournalism: Future of Publishing?

The new face of swimming-

(because after the Olympics in 2012, Michael Phelps is hanging his jammers and passing the golden goggles off to Ryan Lochte.)

Two wins give Lochte ....

Ryan Lochte: The jester with serious credentials

Music Makeover

It's no longer Christina Aguilera vs. Brittney Spears. It's no longer East Coast vs.West Coast. Now, it's Young Money against the world -- and they have two fresh faces leading the takeover.

Nicki Minaj Revives Female Voice in Rap

And of course the other face is Drake:


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