Monday, August 2, 2010

Poetry Doesn't Always Have to be PG-rated

As stated before, one of the things I love the most about poetry is the truth that comes out in every stanza.

Poets are unofficially given a license to write about whatever they want however they want -- and the dirtier the better.

This is so because poets in general have a talent to materialize emotions a person feels every day.

For example, a person might walk in the forest and think the nature around him/her is gorgeous but not know how to express it. If this person doesn't know how to share nature's beauty, then he/she will be the only one to enjoy it.

That's where the poet comes in. A poet like Robert Frost can share nature's beauty in his language.

But nature isn't the only thing poets write about. In my opinion, the most important topic a poet can write about is the negative emotions: shame, embarrassment, guilt etc. Basically, the negative feelings a person keeps built up inside them.

These emotions are almost too hard to bare and to difficult to deal with that a person just hides it away. But when they read about it in a poem, they connect with the emotion and it's almost as if they are draining themselves of it.

And that's why I love poets like Anne Sexton. I would say her specialty is writing about the embarrassing emotions or "uh-oh" actions the typical person experiences every day.

I would highly recommend every high school and college female to read her poetry; they'll feel a lot less guilty about their Saturday night affairs.

To prove it, I would like to share a poem I wrote imitating Anne Sexton's poem, You All Know the Story of the Other Woman:

The Booty Call

This is the bed I lie in
the bed where I let you sex me.
This is the computer that sits before me
with its keys spread like my legs
the night before.

Last night I wanted to be borrowed
So you rented me like a Blockbuster movie.
Now I sit thinking about
the lust that last night was.

Last night I broke all the rules,
starting when I unzipped your jeans,
searching for the only part of you that
gives a damn about my existence.

Don’t kid yourself, sweetheart.
I won’t actually like you, just use you.
I won’t ever look at you, just seduce you.
I’m just playing the game.

So I see you lying there,
breathing in the smell of latex and lube.
All I can hear is your snoring,
never your heart beating.

Your body will take off
and fly into the day.
And I’ll wash my sheets.

I’ll watch you wake
and walk out. Then,
re-place myself on my hook,
like a telephone, waiting for the next ring.

You know my story, don’t lie.

It's blunt, crude and straight-up honest. It was probably one of my favorite poems to write because I went into it thinking make it R-rated and don't hold back.

I picked a topic that was inappropriate and used comparisons that are almost offensive. But I know it worked and people related to it because when I read it to my poetry class, all the girls loved it and all the guys grinned after read it.

So there's your proof. Poetry is never meant to be PG rated. We can all appreciate poets like Robert Frost but we really all love poets like Anne Sexton. 


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