Friday, August 6, 2010

This Week in Words and Pics

Sports ruled just about every news station this week.

Bret Favre announced he was retiring (again).
The Celtics welcomed a veteran to the team -- Shaq.
Michael Phelps broke yet another record.

The sports world was in over drive this week. Ranging from the Garden in Boston to the pool in Irvine, California, athletes were making headlines.

Here were some of my favorites of the week:


I was really happy with the coverage leading up to
the 2010 Conoco Phillips National Championships. Media stations covered everything swim fans were looking forward to: veterans vs. fresh meat, Ryan Lochte vs. Michael Phelps, and old suits vs. world records.

The following are examples of good sports journalism. Sports writers not only have to explain what a certain event is about, but they also have to leave room for educated predictions. I think these reporters did a good job observing and analyzing what they saw.

Michael Phelps hits reset with new suit at U.S. championships
USA Today

Lochte notches medley victory at US swim meet

Phelps Finds His Form With Two Victories
The New York Times


Why Shaq works better as a starter

I'm going to be honest, my first reaction when I heard Shaq was coming to Boston was, "Why do we want him? He's so old."

Almost instantly,  my comment provoked every male in hearing distance to start yelling at me explaining why we should be pumped.

Well that's nice guys, but I would like to hear it from someone who really knows what they are talking about.

And so I did, and what I found was this great explanation naming all the pros and cons of why Shaq will be a good asset to the team.
Shaq's ability to rebound -- a Boston weakness exposed in the NBA Finals -- could facilitate a run-happy offense by fueling Rajon Rondo via the outlet pass. Shaq can't clog up the offense if Boston's already on the move. And when Boston does get stuck in a halfcourt set, O'Neal provides something the team desperately lacked in recent seasons: Someone who can finish around the rim.


Report: Brett Favre Says He Will Return to Vikings if Healthy
NFL Fan House

In this instance, I think I have every right to be like "WTF? Just retire already!"

This guy has threatened retiring the past 100000 years. Just do it!!

I thought this article was entertaining as well as informative. I'm not going to go into detail about it because by the time I do, it will be next season and Favre will probably be playing -- or not --- or playing! Who knows?
"He's working out really hard and everything seems to indicate that, if he is healthy and can contribute and play at the level that he has become accustomed to, he will play," Cook said to the AP.

In the meantime, the constant speculation over Favre's future will continue.

Blog Post

Phelps and Coughlin to Race on Night 2

I don't know what I would have done this week if it wasn't for Swim Network. Swim fans couldn't watch nationals anywhere but online via Swim Network's live stream. In addition, there wasn't a lot of coverage covering the meet, so Swim Network did an excellent job reminding fans when events were happening via Twitter, Facebook and blog posts.

I particularly enjoyed this post because it focused on my two favorite swimmers: Michael Phelps and Natalie Coughlin.

There are plenty of media stations covering Phelps' endless record-breaking skills but often they forget about the best female swimmer -- Natalie Coughlin:
This is going to be electric. Natalie Coughlin heads into the finals seeded first (1:00.21). No surprises here. Everyone knows Natalie. She’s a fan favorite. Well-spoken and polite, the veteran faces a formidable task tonight when she swims against teenage phenoms Elizabeth Beisel, Elizabeth Pelton, Rachel Bootsma, and Missy Franklin. A popular question is to ask Natalie how this compares to the pressures of “Dancing With The Stars.”


Olympic silver medallist Christine Magnuson gets off to a headstart


Without a doubt, my favorite swim event to watch is the one when Ryan Lochte and Michael Phelps have to go head-to-head. Michael Phelps has a G-d given talent to swim but Ryan Lochte has the heart of a champion. It's always a good show when these two compete next to each other.

One of the most anticipated events at Nationals was the 200 meter freestyle with the two:


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