Friday, August 13, 2010

This Week in Words and Pics

Sometimes I honestly think the world is coming to an end.

I am Mayan, so I want to believe that they are right in predicting the end in 2012. However, I am also realistic, and know we aren't that lucky.

Regardless, the news keeps reporting bad news -- and for once, it's not because the public wants to hear it. It's because that's all there is to report.

So for today -- Friday 13th -- I would like to focus on some bad --yet important --news.


We can never get along.......

Hillary Clinton for Vice President in 2012? Biden 'Trade Talk' Murmur Could Swell

Kids are growing up way too fast.......

Early Puberty in Girls: What Are the Social Consequences?

No one trusts us to begin with......

Journalism the third most untrustworthy profession, according to poll

Blog Post/Column:

Things to Look Forward to If, in a ‘Likely’ Scenario, Israel Bombs Iran’s Nuclear Facilities Next Year New York Media

Quite possibly the most negative -- yet possibly true -- attitude to the ME's future. It's a lot to take in one breath:
"They stand a good chance of changing the Middle East forever; of sparking lethal reprisals, and even a full-blown regional war that could lead to the deaths of thousands of Israelis and Iranians, and possibly Arabs and Americans as well; of creating a crisis for Barack Obama that will dwarf Afghanistan in significance and complexity; of rupturing relations between Jerusalem and Washington, which is Israel’s only meaningful ally; of inadvertently solidifying the somewhat tenuous rule of the mullahs in Tehran; of causing the price of oil to spike to cataclysmic highs, launching the world economy into a period of turbulence not experienced since the autumn of 2008, or possibly since the oil shock of 1973; of placing communities across the Jewish diaspora in mortal danger, by making them targets of Iranian-sponsored terror attacks, as they have been in the past, in a limited though already lethal way; and of accelerating Israel’s conversion from a once-admired refuge for a persecuted people into a leper among nations."


The Big Picture: Continuing Pakistani Floods


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