Saturday, August 14, 2010

Travel -- One Story at a Time

I love traveling.

I was fortunate enough to take advantage of my passion when I went to London to study abroad through UNH's London program.

I traveled to France, Scotland, Italy, Greece, the Netherlands and Spain.

Each trip opened my eyes to cultures I knew nothing about. I was also lucky enough to travel with people who pushed me to do things I wouldn't typically do.

That's what I love about journalism ; it gives you the opportunity to travel different places and meet people you probably wouldn't have met in other circumstances.

For example, one story took me to Ipswich, MA to talk about the meals on wheels program. Another story gave me the chance to interview a coyote expert, and another introduced me to the next generation of Einsteins.

Journalism isn't just a stationary job. You are encouraged to get up and go out and write.

However, when I was in London and writing home to family and friends, sometimes words weren't enough; A picture was the only way I could captivate the "awe."

Because most of you weren't there to share these moments, I would like to share them now.....

Read more about photojournalism.

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