Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Writers Worth Reading

I start every day of the week by reading the news.

I usually read The Salem News first to see what's going on in the North Shore area.

Then I check out The Jewish Journal Boston North to see what's happening in the Jewish community.

Then I go to my twitter news feed to catch up on what's going on both nationally and worldly.

What I've started to notice is that there are a few writers, reporters and bloggers who I look forward to reading every day; that these writers keep me entertained from headline to end quote.

That's pretty serious.

So for this #WriterWednesday, I would like to note a reporter who I think you should be reading too.

My pick for this week's writer is: reporter Alan Burke from The Salem News.

I had the pleasure of meeting Burke during my internship at the newspaper. Burke is intelligent, friendly and best of all witty. 

The reason I look forward to his byline in the paper everyday is to read his latest lead. Every lead is clever, engaging and sets the tone for what is likely to be an entertaining story.

Here are a few of his leads that are my favorite:
They love their trees on Thomas Road — just not in the bedroom. But that's exactly what Emily Cilley faced when she brought three of her children home from their soccer game on Thursday afternoon. -- Tree falls into local bedroom
It may be remembered as the Town Meeting that couldn't say no.

In an era of the tea party movement, Scott Brown and anti-incumbency, this town approved new sidewalks, a rubber football field and a new school at a cost totaling well over $40 million. What's more, they did it with barely a peep of complaint.-- Forget the tea party: Marblehead Town Meeting OK'd everything
It took a "Law & Order"-style foot chase, but police stopped what they believe is a one-man crime wave when they arrested Marblehead resident... --  Police chase down suspect in car break-ins
The Fourth of July fireworks were terrific, according to Selectman Judy Jacobi. But they could be only the warm-up to a still more spectacular sky show in two weeks. Yes, it's another wedding for one of financier Peter Lynch's daughters.--  OK, she's not marrying a townie


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