Friday, September 24, 2010

What's Your News IQ?

If you thought the tests were over because you graduated college -- you're wrong.

I recently had a job interview for a reporting position. I went into the interview with the same confidence and optimism I always bring to an interview. Two minutes into the interview, that confidence was gone.

This interview wasn't just a meet and greet.

I was tested in three areas: my quick thinking skills, my knowledge of current events and my writing & editing skills.

I felt comfortable with the writing & editing test because I took Editing 711 at UNH (which I encourage every journalism major to do). The quick thinking test was 100% fair and I did my best to think quickly and answer correctly.

But the current events test left me dumbfounded.

I have always considered myself a "wordly" person. I read a variety of news sources and I listen to my parents at the dinner table. However, as I was going through the test, I noticed there was a pattern in the type of questions I was skipping -- they all dealt with politics.

I dislike politics tremendously. I know enough to get by but not enough to get into an argument with anyone. This naivete has never bothered me -- until now.

Why do I know more about what's going on in Israel than my own country? Why do I care more about the Ground Zero mosque than who the next Massachusetts governor will be? Why can I name all the top social networking sites but can't name one Supreme Court justice official?

Lesson learned.

I always thought it was sufficient to "keep up" with politics but now I understand how important it is to truly comprehend it; It adds more credibility to yourself as a journalist and certainly adds more credibility to you as an American citizen.

In an effort to learn from this embarrassing situation I will attempt to not only read political stories but also share them. So for this Week in Words and Pics, it's all about politics.

Local --

Christie Inspires `Baker's Dozen' Candidate in Massachusetts Governor Race

Sparks fly at Massachusetts gubernatorial debate

National --

Unemployment rates show uneven recovery in U.S. states

Proposal to legalize undocumented students is rejected in U.S. Senate

International --

US leader presses for Middle East peace during address to UN

Please feel free to suggest any good political newspapers or websites you think I should be reading!


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  1. I was going to write about my NH primary day voting experience a week or so ago for my blog but never did, but I was appalled with myself for knowing so little about the candidates, and insanely lucky that I was voting Democrat because they were all incumbent or running unopposed in my district. It's one thing to complain about combative and frustrating partisan senate politics or mosques or things like that, but most people seem to forget the local jokers who directly impact their lives with their policies and politics. This has been the best "This Week" entry you've had that I can remember. And that includes the "This Week" in July when I got to be Blog of the Week.