Wednesday, September 22, 2010

What's Your Writing Style?

Did you know that Shakespeare created around 10,000 words that we still use in the English language?

For real.

If he couldn't find the right word he wanted to include in his plays, he would just make one up. The majority of the words we still use today:

abandon, baby, cage, dance, easily, fabulous, gold, haggard, index, jealousy, key, lame, magic, naughty, object, paint, quarter, ramp, safe, tackle, unhappy, vain, wait, zealous

It was quite ballzy -- but genius -- of Shakespeare to invent a single word. What's even crazier is how over 10,000 of these words still circulate through everyday conversation.

So my question for this #WriterWednesday is what will your writing be remembered for? Shakespeare basically owned the dictionary. Is there something about your writing style that makes unique?

Something I've tried to master in my own writing is my use of quotes. I think I have a good ear for the most fascinating, entertaining and interesting quotes.

I like to mix the source's voice into my own writing. Many times I've been complimented for putting the subject's character on paper.

So, what technique makes you like Shakespeare?


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