Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Just think: "She's Driving" ........

I have always been known to answer the phone on the second ring. I have always been known to answer a text within the same minute of receiving it. I always have my phone on me.

And the funny thing is -- when I don't answer the phone or message right away, my friends and family think something is wrong. They automatically assume, "her phone must be dead" or "someone kidnapped her" or "she's in the shower or at the gym."

But when Massachusetts passed the "no texting while driving law" I made a conscientious effort to keep my cell phone at a distance. I kept it in my purse or even left it on silent while I was driving.

However, as the months started rolling by and the law wasn't "news" anymore, I noticed how I started picking up old habits; making useless calls while I was sitting in traffic or reading texts at stop signs or lights.

I've never been dumb enough to write or read a text while I was driving 55 mph  on the highway or when it was dark outside, so I still considered myself a safe driver & texter. But there was one thing I never asked myself while sending a text -- Will your friends and family handle it with the same caution?

That is what I really respect about the following documentary. It puts into your mind that although you aren't the one who decided to read the text on the highway .... it could be your text that your friend was reading while he/she flew through the windshield.

Personally, that is even worse to imagine.

So from now on, if I don't answer your text before you take your next blink or answer the phone by your next breath, just think to yourself, "she's driving."

And I ask that you handle yourself the same.


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