Wednesday, December 22, 2010

What's Your 'Professional' New Year's Resolution?

New Years is nothing more than excuse to set a start date on all the goals you have been procrastinating about: lose 15 pounds, take snow boarding lessons or finish reading that 1,000-page-book sitting on your desk .

But let's be real -- New Year's resolutions only last the month of January (because by then, everyone is tired of trying).

So my trick to succeeding in New Year's resolution is to make a goal that you legitimately care about.

For example, I am proud to say that my 2010 New Year's resolution was a success! My resolution was to reconnect with my family -- specifically my sister, who is six years older than me.

When we were growing up, the six years age gap was always an obstacle in our relationship; when she wanted to talk about jobs, I wanted to talk about dating. When she wanted to talk about life, I wanted to talk about reality shows. When she wanted to talk about religion I wanted to talk about holiday partying etc.

BUT, in 2010, I found myself facing a lot of "mature" situations that offered a number of opportunities when I needed to turn to her for advice. As a result, our relationship went from "sisters" to "best friends."

So yay for us!

But this year, I'm encouraging everyone to make not one resolution, but TWO: one personal and one professional.

My personal resolution: Reconnect with old friends.

Now that college is over and the people I've grown close to no longer live in my neighboring dorm, I have found it hard to keep in touch. But starting on January 1, I will make more of an effort. I refuse to lose their friendships to long distance, airplane ticket prices and work schedules.

My professional resolution: Become a faster (yet still produce quality) writer. I'll need this skill developed close to perfection if I want to succeed in my current job, where it is solely up to me to produce quality articles and guest posts.

However, I also recommend it to all journalists and online writers. This skill is valuable to develop in any writing career -- especially where the Internet is concerned.

So for the year 2011, try challenging yourself to writing (and finishing) two articles a day or four blog posts a week.

Regardless of what you decide, think of both a personal and professional New Year's resolution that you are going to want to make successful.

Good luck, and Happy New Year!


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