Sunday, January 2, 2011

What Would You Like to See Next?

The votes and stats are in. The top three posts people seemed to enjoy the most on this blog include......

#3: Writers are the Best Kind of Loners

I imagine this was a favorite because a lot of writers could relate to the emotional independence I discussed in the post.

#2: Power of Print Campaign

This was a cryptic campaign that was never really explained to the public -- just seen and heard about via magazines. So I'm sure this post was a good resource to curious readers. Glad to help!

But the #1 post that got over 500 page views is .........

#1: Curves Cleavage and the Kardashians

I'm genuinely happy this post was number one because that to me says that a lot of people took it to heart.

That so many people agreed that the new (and healthier) beauty is loving your curves and feeling good about being a woman -- and not trying to be a stick figure.

I hope everyone enjoyed Written On's first year! Be sure to send me feedback on what you would like to see next on this blog!

Happy New Year!!


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