Tuesday, March 1, 2011

This is Why We Can "Never Forget"

For Jews who think that the Holocaust will never happen again, I applaud your hope. For the Jews that think that Holocaust can't ever happen again, you're wrong.

Today might be even more riskier than ever because antisemitism doesn't get enough media attention..... until someone like Natalie Portman brings it to light..

The following are a few articles that should put a little fear in your heart if you're a Jew, and should put awareness in your brain if you are anything else.

Being racist, antisemitic and prejudice is being one thing - evil. Don't let it happen to anyone.

Natalie Portman 'Shocked and Disgusted' by John Galliano's Rant

Antisemitism Rising in Greece - It was spreading in Sweden less than a year ago.

He's Tired of Holocaust Stories- A Jew confessing that he is tired of listening to Holocaust stories is the scariest thing I have ever heard of. Yes there is a time and place to listen to these stories, but that means you MAKE the time to listen; not shut it out completely.



  1. "While the Vatican has long echoed Benedict's conclusion, Jewish scholars said the argument laid out by the German-born pontiff, who has had his share of missteps with Jews, was significant and would help fight anti-Semitism today."

    -- Pope exonerates Jews for Jesus' death in new book

    Let's hope so!

  2. Forgive and forget? It's hard to say what to do on the matter: John Galliano’s Public Apology