Monday, April 4, 2011

Interesting Reads

Just like to share a few articles that caught my attention this week!


Reality Television Star Bethenny Frankel Guides Others to ‘A Place of Yes’

I've always admired and respected Bethenny Frankel because she turned herself into a successful business woman, mother and wife, despite EVERYTHING life threw at her; And she did it all while rocking a positive attitude and stilettos.

I've never read dieting or "self-help" books but I have a feeling that her book will reveal more than that.


Eastern Bank Robbed at Gunpoint

Sometimes "The Town" doesn't stay in the town it was set in. A lot of robberies have been taking place in the Boston area -- why is that? Regardless, it's important to start being more aware of your surroundings!

Social Networking

Using Data to Develop a Social Media Strategy

I like to stay up-to-date with the latest in social networking news. I found this article particularly interesting. A good read and I recommend it to all you social mediators out there!


What Job Will Bring You the Most Success?

For all you college seniors, perhaps this article will give you insight into your future. I like it because it focuses on your particular strengths and likes. Knowing what you excel at is key in any professional situation.

**Got any other interesting reads you would like to share? Do it! -- in the comment section below!**


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