Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Less a Writer, More the Editor

No excuses. I've been slacking on my writing. But I could probably say that about writing in general for me. My responsibilities have shifted tremendously, and forced me to take the "editor" role more than the writer role these days.

And I love it.

I'm finding it equally as fun and exciting to take a "good" piece of writing, work my magic, and help turn it into a GREAT piece of writing. OK, I'm not saying I'm the best editor out there -- but I am saying I'm having fun improving the pieces of content you may be coming across.
My desk at work

Still running the Best of BuyerZone series, and still loving it! Can't get enough of the incredible bloggers and professional I meet in every edition.

But my latest love is BuyerZone's new series Industry Insights. This series features industry experts from an array of industries: retail, marketing, finance, industrial etc. However, unlike the BoBZ series, I'm letting the experts do all the writing.

Each week, an expert will cover hot topics in their industry. So basically, I get to sit back, read their work and be amazed. And each week, I am.