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The Salem News
January to May 2010


Students' Artwork Decorates Festival Program

Students Gear up for 'Music Man'

Teen Hits His Groove in Music Contest

3 Danvers High Alumni Return for a Capella Show


Volunteer Will be Honored with Award

Paula Gates Named Citizen of the Year

Salem News Carriers Earn Scholarships


Group to Host Event Celebrating Women in Business Thursday

Charity Grows Into New Space


DA Creates 2 Alcohol and Drug Education Programs

Mandarin Gets One-Day Suspension

New Smoke Alarm Regulations in Effect

Organizers: Cuts to Anti-Goose Program Nothing to Honk About

Health and Fitness:

Fitness Pro to Host Pushups Fundraiser for Injured Soldiers

Booklet Promotes Outdoor Exercise, Healthy Recreation

News and Features:

'The Best Mother's Day Gift'

Volunteer Drivers at Heart of Program

What Moms Want and What Moms Get

Locals Asked to Help Stamp Out Hunger

North Shore Residents can get Disaster Relief

Family History Sparks Dissertation on Nazis in Vienna

Court Henry A. Sullivan Celebrates 90th Anniversary

Boxford Mom Wins a Makeover

Topsfield Pastor Heads to Haiti to Help

Brooksby Helps Out Haitian Employees' Families Back Home


Hands for Haiti Fundraiser Tonight

Training Will Help Seniors be More Assertive with Doctors

Maple Sugaring Tours begin at Wildlife Sanctuary this Weekend

Sanctuary Fetes Groundhog Day

Q & A:

Ives Shares Biz Sense with Students, Startups

Tough Time to Find Summer Jobs

Pothole Season Keeps Tire Shops Busy

Animal Expert gives Lowdown on Coyotes

Locals to Get an Education on Cyberbullying 


Juniors Get a Taste of France, Frogs' Legs and All

Tech Students Charged Up over Robot Rumble

Local Student is Semifinalist in Bubble Wrap Contest

Student's Unflagging Patriotism Hailed

Snowman Building Contest Will Let the Good Times Roll


Jewish Journal

May to July 2009


Talking Trash at the PEM


Andover Children Bring Smiles through Get Well Cards 

 'Double AAs' Do Delicious Deeds

The New Hampshire
April to November 2008

Dining Options Make Healthy Eating A Challenge

Off-Leash Dogs Give Runners a Fright in College Woods

Career Counseling Center Supports Students in Short and Long Term  

Multimedia Class Blog

During my senior year at The University of New Hampshire, I took a multimedia/advanced reporting class. We were required to blog our experiences in the field of multimedia journalism. The following is my blog over the course of that semester: Multimedia Class Blog