My Inspiration

My passion for writing grew from the writers and poets that I grew up with. Such are the following:

Poetry: Anne Sexton
It was in my AP English class when I was first introduced to the poet, Anne Sexton. Since then, I have read all of her poems and practically memorized her book, Love Poems. The poems in that book are not the typical "love" poems you usually read. Sexton is not typical.

Her poems are blunt, honest, brave and so straight forward. She executes her points effortlessly in a style that leaves you breathless. Every word, punctuation and sentence is crafted for a specific reason in a particular style. After every poem, I am left in "awe."

My absolute favorite Sexton poem is, For My Lover, Returning to his Wife. It's beautifully written and heartbreaking. Sexton's ability to make you feel bad for the mistress proves how well she manipulates the romantic language.

Books: Nicholas Sparks
I literally stumbled upon Sparks in the library. I picked up "A Walk to Remember" and checked it out of the library. To me, it wasn't anything special but I wanted to give him another try. The next book that I chose was out of pure luck, "The Guardian."

This book changed my life. It starts off describing a typical woman in an average life. When she least expects it, something incredible happens to her. When you think the story will have a happy ending and no climax, Sparks throws a curve ball at you that will leave you racing through the last 100 pages.

Sparks has the ability to create an environment you feel you belong in. He creates characters you feel like you know. He creates situations that you can relate to. I have read every single Nicholas Sparks book and have cried, laughed and felt anxious in each one.

I am currently working on a book of my own, "Remembering Alexa." The plot is unlike a Sparks' book but the writing style I owe to him. As I wrote it, I tried to mimic my favorite author.

Music: Lauryn Hill
I fell in love with R&B and hip/hop because of Lauryn Hill. Her cd The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill touched my soul. Songs like "Ex-factor" and "Tell Him" influenced me to want to write like her. The way she puts into words a feeling and relationship everyone can relate to is incredible.

Her remake of "Can't Take My Eyes Off of You" also demonstrates how strong her vocal talents are. She turned a good song into a great one.

Whenever I have writer's block, need inspiration to write a poem or want background music while I'm writing in my diary, I turn to Lauryn; her beats, voice and lyrics always do the trick.

Movies: The Fast and Furious, Michelle Rodriguez
I bet this choice surprises you.

It's not the movie necessarily--great movie--but it's the character Michelle portrays in it. Her tough girl attitude while still being a beautiful Latina, but still being able to hang with the boys is what attracted me to her.

Growing up, I was a bit of a tomboy. I always loved sports and loved hanging with my guy friends. But I never dressed like a boy. I was always very feminine while kick my guy friends' butts. So seeing a similar character like "Letty" in the movie at age 13 made me feel better about the person I was.

I saw a tough, sophisticated and pretty Latina. It was reassuring to see that there was nothing wrong with me and that I could be both. I didn't need to choose. Because of Michelle's acting, I never diminished my strong personality and confident attitude--which is something I hope any of my writings possess.